The machine is equipped with up to 5 blade motors driven by different variable speed power units to be used simultaneously or single.
For high production sawing up to thirteen axes.
Multi blade cutting for dimension from 140 mm to 2000 mm, the central unit can perform inclined cut up to 90° on all around 370°.
Independent tool wear control and compensation for each blade.
Accurate and fast thanks to brushless motors and to linear bearing guides.
Extreme precision cutting result due the rotating top cutting unit, the material doesn’t need to be shifted or re-aligned.
Automatic nesting of the cutting piece on board with defect track, due the use of and external camera, the cutting performance are guarantee from the easy to use software and the GMM patented vacuum installed on the central unit.
Ability to load electronic cutting sheet.
The machine performs automatically parallel cut, arcs and pieces shift by vacuum for allowing blade overruns.
Compact cutting line solution when equipped with automatic loading device and roller belt feeding system. Large production result up to 490 sq/m in 8 hours.
Description UM Value
Number of NC controlled axes n. 13
Cutting stroke of the blade (x axis) mm 3650
Maximum bridge traslation (y axis) mm 3600
Maximum vertical travel of the blade (z axis) mm 300
Max angle of tilt head (r axis) ° 0°÷90°
Maximum blade rotation (w axis) ° -185°÷+185°
Distance between the blades (min-max) mm 140-2000
Blades diameter (min-max) mm 400-450
Maximum cutting depth mm 85
Power of the blade motor kW 15 (S 6)
Variable blade speed rpm 800÷3000
Spindle motor shaft diameter mm 50
Maximum speed (x axis) m/min 33
Maximum speed (y axis) m/min 33
Maximum speed (z axis) m/min 4
Water consumption l/min 200
Standard voltage V/Hz 400/50
Total machine mass kg 10000
Camera on board.
Parametric program.
Vacuum system.
Robotic loader.
Automatic load carrier.
Motorized roller unit.
Short conveyor belt for cutting.
Short conveyor belt for unload.
Drying fun.