Design & production zh-CN

Products “Made in Italy” enjoy a great reputation worldwide. Equally great, however, is the challenge of manufacturing products economically, an issue GMM tackles early on in the development and production of its machines; Innovative forming technologies help the company to produce serial components with increasing efficiency, study the products is the base of the GMM success.

The machine modular design gives the flexibility we need to equip our machines to suit the respective applications, so they can meet the high requirements demanded by our customer.

Stone Machines are environmentally friendly, clean equipment. As they are generally used for 15 to 20 years, the energy-saving effect affects the environment for a long period of time. Gmm has delivered more than 6,000 machines worldwide to this date with a great effort to conserve the global environment. To ensure high level of quality machines require a lot of manufacturing competence this is guarantee by our team of expertize highly skilled staff.