The DEVERO CNC gantry manipulator with its modular construction can be applied
for in-line automatic loading / unloading of machines with belt feeding or table
exchanger equipped.

The machine structure is made in electro-welded steel with hot deep galvanizing
surface protection, the bridge and the head axis are driven by helical pinions and
racks sliding on linear bearings.
To ensure fast and precise positioning also the vertical axes is moving on linear
bearings but driven by recirculating ball screw.
Devero is composed by a 370° horizontal rotating head which can be configured for loading or unloading; the rotating unit axes allow the pick-up of randomly positioned cut piece. The tilting sliding PATENTED double vacuum system is suitable for unloading material with polish face on polish face tiles vertical and/or horizontal.
A Vacuum System unit of 100 mc / h and kW. 2.2 is quickly generating the under pressure for fast piece lifting.
The operator interface manages all the machine control functions, alarm, work
parameter changes, work phase display, and can be perfectly interfaced with Gmm