Basic polisher for all laboratories in the stone industry, and cementitious, versatile and efficient. Accompanied with the optional heads it can polish: marble slabs using the optional PIANA polishing head with Frankfurt or granite abrasives with the head with TANGENTIAL abrasives with oscillating arms. Possibility to install a bush hammer plate or a plate to brush the plates. The marble plate can be applied directly to the tangential head with Frankfurt attachments.
The basic version can polish:
- marble slabs using the head with Frankfurt type abrasives;
- granite slabs using:
- the optional satellite head with circular grinding wheels with TERZAGO Brevetti couplings;
- fickert type TANGENTIAL abrasive head.

The plate for marble can be applied on the satellite head with Frankfurt type abrasives.
Technical data
Description UM Value
Max polishing lenght with standard tracks (Y axis) mm 4300
Max polishing width (x axis) mm 2950
Vertical travel of the polishin head (z axis) mm 300
Length of standard tracks m 6
Power of the polishing head motor kW 18,5
Power of the auxiliary motor kW 2,1
Translation speed on tracks m/min 0÷32
Motion speed of the head holder slide m/min 0÷32
Pneumatically regulated working pressure bar bar 0÷6
Rotation speed of the head rpm 0/700
Cooling water consuption at 3 bar l/min 40
Air consumption at 3 bar l/min 340
On request track of different lengths (multiples of 3 m) m 9-12
Production capacity for granite slabs mq/h 3÷4
Production capacity for marble slabs mq/h 6÷8
Total machine mass kg 5000
Volume when packaged of the machine in standard version O.T. container 20'
Standard installation dimension m 6,6x7,2x3,2
Current voltage / frequency V / Hz 400 / 50
Satellite head head for granite.
Tangential head for granite.
Head for marble.
Bush-hammering plate.
Tilting table ( one or more )
Support for 4 heads Astro automatic change
Bush-hammering plate (only if the head is not autmatic)