Radia 38 TS3

Large machine ideal for small,medium and large companies for cutting stone, marble and granite, both in manual and automatic cycle. This machine also performs complex profiles and shapes on a very large cutting surface.
Max blade size of 1200 mm (47.2 in) - 1600 mm (62.9 in) optional.
Machine built in cast iron and protection covers in stainless steel.
The standard machine is supplied with the following:
- motorized tilting and programmable head for marble and granite;
- optical template scanner;
- manual rotating table (optional: programmable automatic table);
- eletronic variable speed on the disc motor;
- software POLIAX for control;
- 12" touchscreen colour display with LAN connection and USB port;
- folding door solid panel safety barriers.
technical data
Description UM Value
Cutting stroke of the blade (x axis) mm 3800
Maximum bridge traslation (y axis) mm 3300
Maximum vertical travel of the blade (z axis) mm 800
Maximum vertical blade diameter mm 1200-1600*
Blade hole diameter mm 60
Blade locking flange diameter mm 285
Maximum cutting depth mm 450
Fixed table dimension mm 1720x3500
Power of the blade motor kW 26,5 (S 6)
Spindle speed of rotation rpm 450÷1900
Slide cut speed (x axis) rpm 0÷18
Water consumption at 3 bar l/min 60
Total machine mass O.T. container 40'
Machine packing dimensions kg 7500
Profiles and shapes.
Hydraulic tilting table 2000x3500 mm.
Standard lathe.
Slab blocking system.