Toden 40 CN2

Machine suitable for repetitive machining and single parts production, with vertical or inclined cuts (OPTIONAL), parallel, orthogonal, diagonal and curved, by the orientation of the head and the interpolation of rapid and controlled movements axis on recirculating ball guides.
Blade diameter 1400-2200 / 80 mm Disk spindle gear reducer 44-56KW Optional
Main machine structures made of electro-welded steel carpentry, hot dip galvanized and
stabilized to ensure perfect dimensional stability and durability.
Blade cover in stainless steel with coating in sound-absorbent material.
All the movement axes are managed by brushless motors with absolute encoder which keeps
the axis positions memorized even in the absence of power supply and does not require a
reset cycle at each machine start-up.
Cutting / return movement of the blade-holder slide (X axis) and translation of the bridge (Y
axis) are driven by a zero-play precision helical pinion-rack meshing on hardened guides with
recirculating ball skates.
Vertical ascent / descent movement of the operating head (Z axis) on ram with recirculating
ball guides and ball screw.
Pendant pushbutton panel in stainless steel, with USB port and 15 "LED colour touchscreen
display with double function of control panel and operator interface.
Articulated support arm to allow the operator to approach the table during work preparation.
Connectable to a company LAN for production control 4.0 Ready, for transfer file directly to
the machine, to view the operation of the saw remotely and for online assistance.
Operator interface, based on Microsoft Windows operating system and entirely developed
by GMM, allows you to take full advantage of the potential of the numerical control and to
program processes in a simple and intuitive way.
The basic software and inclined cuts (OPTIONAL) in interpolation and also in increments,
single and multiple cuts, orthogonal cuts.
Dati tecnici
Descrizione UM Valore
Diametro massimo disco (c/carter opz.) / diametro foro mm 1400-2200/80
Corsa ponte (asse Y)/corsa testa (asse X) mm Variabile/4000
Corsa salita/discesa (asse Z) mm 1300
Diametro flange/profondità mm 370 / 510-910
Angolo massimo di inclinazione elettromandrino(asse R - OPZIONALE)/(asse W) ° 0÷46 / 0÷370
Potenza motore elettromandrino(variabile) kW 44-57
Velocità di rotazione elettromandrino regolabile rpm 300÷600
Velocità massima asse X e asse Y m/mm 37
Velocità massima asse Z m/mm 6
Portata acqua di refrigerazione a 3 bar/consumo aria a 6 bar l/min 60
Consumo aria a 6 bar l/min 5
Massa complessiva della macchina kg 7600(7800-8000)
Volume di imballo della macchina in versione standard O.T. container 40'
Tensione / frequenza di serie V /Hz 400 50 ~3
Pressione minima aria bar 6